Kitchens of today are more than just a place to cook, they’re also a place to relax, to dream, to entertain and to us the most magical room in the house. All of our kitchens are made in Germany and tailored and crafted precisely to you. Our range encompasses a variety of individual styles and finishes, from modern to contemporary, light to dark, wood to glass, the choice is yours. If you would like to see more of our collections please contact us and we’ll be happy to send you a brochure. That’s why we take pride in offering kitchens made in Germany, meticulously tailored and crafted to your unique preferences.

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The job matters hugely to Meiger, they want you to love it when its finished and will do everything they can to achieve that, nothing is too much trouble and what I like about Michael is that he's a perfectionist - if something isn't quite right he prefers to rip it out and start again rather than you accepting something that you are not 100 % happy with. There is no hard sell either, you give him a budget and he'll work to it. Meiger’s designs with LED lighting can transform a kitchen, they bring a ceiling and other areas to life in a way you wouldn't imagine, putting it simply Michael's a genius and a delight to work with, if only all the people you use on building were like Michael at Meiger. I can't recommend Meiger highly enough.
Mr & Mrs Handley
Formby, Liverpool

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